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Jessie and John


Jessie Ries



Hello, I am Jessie Ries.

   I was raised on a farm in a small town of Petersburg, Iowa. I come from a family of five, Marty and Carol Ries are my parents and two older sisters of Stacy and Cindy. I graduated from Western Dubuque High School where my senior year I joined the Army National Guard. I have three deployments to my name and 20 years of serving in the Iowa National Guard. After my second deployment from 2005 to 2007

I came back and invested in a set of DJ equipment and opened up Dog-Tag Entertainment. I currently have 10 years in the business of running DJ, karaoke and servicing weddings. Dog-Tag Entertainment was established under the principles of providing a great quality laser light show, along with an awesome fully-immersive sound system where you not only you hear the music but actually feel the music around you. As well as providing a night that is inclusive, energetic and memorable by playing music from across the decades and all the genres that get the kids, all the way up to grandparents excited. This year in 2019 I joined up with John Thompson and moved the company into an LLC. Also this year we have started offering trivia and with your support in the future, we will be able to bring you more products and services. 

John Thompson



 Hello, I am John Thompson.

 I grew up in Marshall, TX and moved to Iowa where I enlisted in the United States Army. I have always had a love for music and entertaining people. After my Honorable Separation from the Army, I have succeeded in many things from bull riding to owning my own trucking business. I am now a union carpenter. I met my wife in 2010 while on leave, after six long years of friendship we became husband and wife. Over the last few years, I have renewed my relationship with Jesus which has opened new doors and given me a lot of opportunities to give back to the community and the people around me. 

I decided to join the business about a year ago after going to a few of the shows Jessie was running and realizing the potential to bring music and entertainment to others. This has allowed me to reach more people in my community and further develop those relationships. Being able to fully immerse myself in my surrounding community has allowed me to understand our client's wants and needs and witness how much joy music can bring to an everyday event.  

 Now I am DJing and run the business side of Dog-Tag Entertainment with the help of my beautiful wife and amazing children.